Powerlace tries to bring Marty McFly’s auot-lacing shoes to reality

powerlace shoes

We are familiar with the Air Mag shoes worn by Marty McFly’s in the movie “Back to the Future ll”. Many of us have been dreaming about trying them out one day. Back in 2011, Nike brought those sneakers to the market but Nike’s fashion-lit footwear lacked the super cool iconic power laces. Nike has now announced that it will deliver sneakers with auto-lacing in 2015 which will be exact replicas of the BTTF movie’s sneakers. In the meanwhile Canadian Startup is taking to Kickstarter to compete with the shoe giant with its Powerlace P-One shoes.

Despite their name, Powerlace shoes come without batteries, gears, wires, motors, or fuss. The technology uses a pressure plate in the heel to pull the laces tight to your foot as soon as you step into the shoes and a lever at back allows you to release pressure to loosen the lace.

powerlace shoes-1

The autolacing system is said to support up to 200,000 lacing cycles. The company is looking for a massive $650,000 CAD on Kickstarter to make Powerlace a reality and has so far raised only $15,263 CAD with 57 days to go. The regular pledge price for a pair of P-Ones is about $170 CAD and the normal price would be $195 CAD. If everything works fine, Powerlace sneakers could ship in May 2015. As of now, the sneakers are designed only for men, but the Powerlace team says it has plans to design shoes for both women and children in the future.

We should note that these are not that efficient as portrayed in the Movie BTTF ll, but it’s the closest you’ll get for now- at least until Nike’s power laces would be released next year. Check out the video below to see the Powerlace auto-lacing shoe in action.

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