Prevent Brands From Using You In Facebook Ads: Guide by Geek

Facebook provides sponsored stories that let those who who advertise to simply use friends or connections at their target. When you go to your Facebook account it is very probable that you see stories that are sponsored coming up in the newsfeed. It would have something like a particular friend (his/her) name likes a particular Brand. These are essentially social advertisements where the advertiser is focusing on friends of connections and using this to spread the word about their page on Facebook.


You will see things like “Ramesh Likes Nike” and this brand will use Ramesh’s friends and the ad will say that Ramesh likes Nike. When a name appears with a brand it seems like that person is endorsing the brand. What is more this is not just for Facebook pages because brands may use the likes you have made to promote mobile applications along with the events you have accepted or responded to on Facebook.

Your name will turn up in the advertisement and if you want to stop that from occurring this is what you need to do:

You actually do not have a particular option to elect to stay of out of these social advertisements so it is inevitable that when click like on a brand this will show on your profile and also show up in the sponsored story section in the newsfeeds of your friends. But you can work around this problem. You can set the privacy with regard to the Facebook likes as being private. In this case brands will not be able use your likes.

To set this you need to go to the About page and go down the dropdown menu and go to Likes portion. Click on the Edit button and select edit privacy. Set the privacy to the other options and interests on to the only me option and this will prevent brands from using your profile for their stories. 2