Protecting Yourself From ATM Skimmers [Infographic]

Every time you use the ATM machine, you could be the victim of ATM skimming.  The good news is that no one is going to shove a gun in your face: you’re much more likely to be hit by a bus crossing the street on the way to the ATM than to actually get robbed at the ATM in a violent and confrontational manner.  The bad news is that ATM skimming costs America $8.5 billion a year, and there’s a chance you will have to pay if you are a victim.

There are various methods of ATM skimming, which accounts for 98% of all ATM card fraud.  It can be as simple as a small camera attached to the ATM that records your card number as well as you inputting your PIN, or thieves can attach a physical card reader that collects and transmits the information so they can produce a clone bank card.

There are several different ways you can protect your personal information.  For starters, if you suspect any fraudulent activity at all, contact your institution or card issuer immediately.  If anything looks different, suspicious, or askew on your ATM machine, don’t use it.  Finally, cover the PIN pad with your other hand when you input your number so any camera won’t be able to capture your PIN.  Learn more about ATM skimming and what you can do to protect yourself from this infographic.
Protecting Yourself From ATM Skimmers