Quin’s RC Smart White House Robot

This remote controlled, Arduino-based robot was crafted by a kid named Quin. Quin’s passion is to teach electronics at hackerspaces Qtechknow Labs. It is an adaptation of this awesome, fast, fully autonomous mini Roomba that has since driven its way into the Presidential building during the 1st ever White House Maker Faire.

White House Robot
The super fast, little device uses a robot chassis kit with an XBee wireless module so that the controller and the robot are paired up. An NFC Shield was hacked and split in half so that the wires could be soldered in place.

White House Robot
Qquin’s goal was to create a fun game that records the number of times the robot passes across NFC tags laid over a flat surface. As the robot drives over the sensors, the blinking lights illuminate and these points help you keep track of the score.

White House Robot
The controller container was made with an open source 3D printer called a Bukobot. The container hosts an Arduino and another XBee shield along with a joystick and a neopixel ring, giving it a smooth finish with a circle of beautiful, flashing LEDs.

We saw the robot in action during an Arduino workshop at a local 3D printing store/makerspace in Pasadena called Deezmaker Quin said that it was a great work of William the musician and was exhibited at the Maker Faire in Washington. Quin had met Bill Nye, the Science Guy during his visit to the fair.

Quin added that he would be happy to teach his skills to anyone who is interested . to know more about Quin’s projects, please visit his website  (Qtechknow).