Ravez’s Pixel Shades- LED Glasses

Be the centre of attraction at parties, get people admiring you. Get equipped with the latest LED technology.

Pixel Shades – LED Glasses

Pixel shades are a pair of Ravez’s glasses with the latest LED technology built in them. They can display custom animations and scrolling text which can be made using Ravez custom software. You can grab this product for £100. The pixel glasses are available in blue or green LEDs. And what else! These LED glasses use ultra-bright LEDs.

Pixel Shades – LED Glasses

The shades are coated with paint like substance that acts as resistance to water, sweat and rain so that you can enjoy late night outdoor parties even though it is raining. Also, the glasses come with a soft touch elastic strap for security and are small enough to store in a glass case. Moreover, the glass features a whopping 24×8 LED that can be custom programmed using a simple to use graphical program.

Ravez is an electronic engineer from Portsmouth University, UK. These LED glasses are the result of his individual project.