Ray Cox (Stallion83) finally achieves 1 Million Gamerscore

Some people who love playing Xbox try hard to bring their GamerScore up to a higher level. Raymond Cox, popularly known as Stallion83 set out to achieve 1 million Xbox Live GamerScore points over eight years ago by playing games for the Xbox 360, Xbox one, Games for Windows and Windows Phone has finally made the record. He had entered the Guinness Book of World Record in 2010 for the best Xbox Live GamerScore in the world which stood at 511,342 at the time, today he became the first person to crack an Xbox Live GamerScore of one million points by playing Titanfall. His efforts were live-streamed via Twitch.tv.Xbox’s Larry”Major Nelson” Hyrb was very much happy at this achievement and was the first person to congratulate Cox and celebrated this on Twitter..

Ray Cox (Stallion83) finally achieves 1  Million Gamerscore

Titanfall is played by performing certain feats, referred as achievements in other Xbox games. Each achievement gets you a certain amount of GamerScore, and an entire game can get yuo a maximum of 1000 points. This means that, on average Stallion83 has made his achievement by playing one thousand such games.

He said on the video feed that his next aim is not to shoot for 2 million points but he added that he won’t give up on earning points.

Though many people don’t support this kind of achievement in games for it devalues the game mechanics and the merits of the game itself, but no one can disagree that making such a great achievement requires dedication and is an accomplishment in itself.

Via : Gamespot