Tips to Recover Deleted CCTV/DVR Videos from Crashed Hard Disk

Summary – The primary intent of this blog is to acquaint you with the ways by which you can recover deleted CCTV/DVR videos from crashed hard disk. Read on to know the tips that you can employ and obtain the deleted video files.

Invented around the 1940s, Closed-Circuit Television – Digital Video Recorders or CCTV DVR as they are popularly called, are significantly used all across the globe to record and store information in the form of videos. These days, their deployment have massively increased, both personally as well as commercially. For instance, the are installed in schools, colleges, universities, public places such as shopping malls, traffic signals, hospitals, banks, etc. to ensure safety and security at these locations. Many people get them installed in their house for securing their homes.

This helps in prevention of misconducts such as theft, forced intrusion. Further, it monitors industrial processes, control of retail, traffic, transport safety, and much more. However, if people still commit such crimes, the stored videos can be accessed and viewed by the police or the authorities of law enforcement agencies at any time for investigation.

Now, there could be several instances when the hard disk of the CCTV DVR system may crash, and all the video files stored in it may get deleted. Well! People can face such situations, irrespective of the type of CCTV DVR systems they are you using for security and surveillance purpose. This is because the best of hard disk crashes and suffer failure. In such circumstances, it becomes necessary to know the tips to recover the DVR videos.  Before we move to that aspect, let’s learn more about CCTV DVR systems.

About CCTV DVR Systems

Used as video surveillance systems worldwide, CCTV DVR systems are a technologically enhanced version of CCTV cameras that integrates DVRs and hence are more efficient. It is due to the embedded video recording device that CCTV DVRs of different make and model have the capability to record, save, and display videos of the places they are installed and positioned accordingly. In fact, features such as Email Alerts and Motion Detection along with several others make CCTV DVR systems advanced and efficient.  Stellar CCTV Recovery

Furthermore, they facilitate capturing footage for a long duration that can be played at any time later. In case of law enforcement, the law-makers and authorities of Investigation Agencies can play the recorded video files to identify criminals engaged in illegal activities in the past. This, in turn, helps them reach the offenders easily. Therefore, CCTV DVR systems considerably aid the law enforcement organizations to punish or keep a tab on the wrongdoers.

Now that we know what CCTV DVR Systems are, let’s now look at the approaches we can take to recover videos from crashed hard disk of CCTV DVRs.

Approach for CCTV Video Recovery

There are several approaches towards CCTV video recovery that can be employed irrespective of the make and model of CCTV DVR systems. Let’s look at each:

  1. Restoring CCTV DVR Video Backup – By restoring the recently created CCTV DVR video backup file, you can recover all the videos saved in the hard drive embedded in the hard disk of the CCTV DVR system. Restoring CCTV DVR video backup is a low-cost means for DVR footage recovery, and hence can be used if you wish to save on costs. To do so, ensure that the backup files must be located on any external storage as a crashed hard drive denies access to all the stored data and many times to the system itself. 
  1. Use Any Comprehensive CCTV DVR Recovery Tool – In the present scenario, there’s widespread use of CCTV DVR systems worldwide. Hence many manufacturers have come up with various DVR recovery software. You should choose any one that has the capability to recover the entire video files without discrepancies. Also, your search for such software tools should be based on factors such as reliability and efficiency. Thereafter, you should use it to recover the videos from the crashed hard disk of the DVR systems. 
  1. Obtain CCTV DVR Footage Recovery Service – The other comprehensive way to recover lost data from the crashed hard disk of DVR systems is by obtaining CCTV video recovery service from any popular provider of data recovery services. Stellar Data Recovery is a well-known brand that has been delivering quality data recovery service for 23+ years to people across the globe. All those who have obtained its service till date have found it trustworthy, and hence they recommend its services for recovering the recorded video files, irrespective of the format.

 The Way Forward – CCTV DVR Footage Recovery Service by Stellar Data Recovery

The best three ways for CCTV DVR video recovery are restoring the backup, use of a powerful footage recovery tool, and obtaining DVR recovery services. Based on your discretion, you can go for any of these methods to recover the lost or deleted videos. However, restoring DVR video backup from an external data storage device is possible only if you have the backup file created and saved to any external data storage device. Also, it is a lengthy procedure and is confusing. Next, it’s hard to find an effective CCTV footage recovery software as all such tools do not possess the capability to recover intact data. Thus, it is suggested that you opt for Stellar CCTV DVR Footage Recovery Service way.