Reprieve Saddle adds more fun to your ride

reprieve saddle

We love cycling but we aren’t happy with the bike seats. The saddles in conventional cycles have hard flat front and midsections that hurt the cyclist’s nether regions. As a result, we’ve seen ergonomic seats that are designed using new technology to alleviate soft tissue discomfort while cycling. One of the latest, the Reprieve Bicycle Saddle, truly fits your anatomy and provides a soft “Active Surface” which allows your soft tissue to meet a soft layer of air.

The Reprieve’s Saddle from Texas-based 3 West Design has a unique design in which a fairly normal rear end supports the cyclist’s “sit bones” much like any other saddle. Its mid-section, however, drops down by ¾”, accounting for the true shape of the body. This is to allow the sit bones to absorb the majority of your weight.

reprieve saddle-1

Additionally, the cyclist’s soft tissues are supported by an integrated Air Bladder in the nose of the saddle that is fully adjustable. It moves as you pedal and reduces any pressure in those areas, which are typically caused by sitting on a hard area for a long time. The saddle itself features a genuine leather surface, titanium rails, and weighs about 210 grams (7.4 oz).

The Reprieve Saddle  is now live on crowd-funding site Kickstarter. A pledge of US $100 will get you one, when and if they’re ready for launch. It may be priced at $185. The end goal is to offer you comfort while cycling – Road, Triathlon, Mountain, Track, Spin and Recreational bikes.

Via: Yankodesign