Revenues and Profits of Tech Giants[infographic]

Over the years we always heard of Microsoft and Apple competing their revenues and popularity by showcasing us their winsome products and upto the point where there’s only one brand should prevail in the rising competition of technology.

First Google came along and started to become a world super power, overtaking Yahoo by a long shot, and even more recently Apple stocks began to sore with the launch of the original iPhone in 2007. Since then, with help of the launch of the iPad, Apple has grown at a massive rate, overtaking the decades old dominance of Microsoft in 2010. With seemingly no end to the Apple growth they saw their first massive drop in market cap in February 2013. Will Google overtake Apple this year? What about the rest of the Tech Giants in Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook?

Check out our new infographic and tell us what you think.
Revenues and Profits of Tech Giants
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