Ringly- Fashionable, Wearable Tech Lights up and Buzzes when your Phone Needs you

Vibrating mobile alerts usually work when you can physically feel the vibration. But as Christina Mercando knows, women have the habit of putting their phones deep in the recesses of their purses, thus constantly missing texts, calls and app notifications. Mercando admits that she herself had experienced the situation several times.

Ringly Lets You Know Who’s Calling By The Buzz Of Your Finger
So one day while Mercando was watching at the rings on her hands though she may have solved the phone dilemma. A small Bluetooth-enabled ring that vibrates and flashes a light whenever your phone gets a notifications, incoming messages, phone calls, and even when someone likes your Instagram. The Ringly pp also allows you to customize the light and vibration patterns for different kinds of notifications. For instance, you can also create notifications for when someone likes your Facebook post or when your Uber arrives.

Mercando’s first batch of rings is available for sale from Tuesday. Each ring will retail for $195 and will be available in sizes 6,7 and 8. Ringly is made up of eBay, Etsy, and FIT alums and have received funding from First Round Capital, Andreessen-Horowitz and PCH. The first 1,000 rings sold are also advertised as having a real diamond in the side.

The rings run on a battery that lasts for three days on a full charge.