Robocup 2014 – Are Soccer Robots better performers

Can soccer-playing robots break the record of human world champions by 2050? That’s the ultimate goal of RoboCup, an international competition held annually, where teams of robots from all over the world compete in different categories, from small wheeled robots to adult-size humanoids.

RoboCup 2014
Like the FIFA World cup, this year’s RoboCup was held in Brazil and hundreds of students from 45 countries took part.

There are several categories in RoboCup with various types of robots, and the mid-size team did pretty well this year.

Arguably, this is the most exciting game of all, because it gives a sense of what the current state-of-the-art in robotic soccer is, and how it stacks up to a team of moderately talented squishy bipeds.

Via : spectrum