Robot that Fires Air-Soft Pellets into the Air

Jon and his brother designed a robot out of an RC car that can fire airsoft pellets into the air. The little motorized vehicle was taken apart and a plexiglass handle was fixed to the top. A pulling mechanism was set in place and for this they used an electric airsoft gun. They also used zip ties to secure down the safety trigger system on the gun to ensure no accidents occurred.

Counter-Strike RobotAn Arduino was used to get the servo working, and a chassis stand was created to hold the handle. The setup was then tested at this point, and a Raspberry Pi server was configured to install a motion sensing camera that would act as the eyes for the robot.  Once everything was okay, the wheels hit the  ground and the vehicle was in action, positioning itself to aim the servos at a designated target.Footage was transmitted via the web showing what the robot was looking at.

You can add this little toy army to your collection of toy air force.

The video below demonstrates the action of the remote-controlled  robot.