Robotic Arm Transcribes Jewish Scripture-Torah

The Torah-writing robot is exhibited at the Berlin Jewish Museum that is specially trained for penning down the Torah, the Jew’s Holy Scripture. It is writing much faster than a Jewish scribe could because it doesn’t need to take breaks.

A Robot writing the Torah in longhandThe Torah-writing robot is the brainchild of the German artist’s group robotlab. The robot’s work is delicate and accurate. It takes three months to transcribe the 260-foot long scroll, compared to the full year it takes for a Jewish scribe to finish the job.

“In order for the Torah to be holy, it has to be written with a goose feather on parchment,” explains Rabbi Reuven Yaacobov. “The process has to be filled with meaning, and I’m saying prayers while I’m writing it.

Both Yaacobov and robot are part of the exhibition “The Creation of the World” about the significance of Hebrew handwritings in Judaism. Yaacobov is on hand to show visitors the traditional way of transcribing Torah the way it’s been practiced for thousands of years. Yaacobov will be present on the site until August 3rd, but his robotic companion will continue writing Hebrew scriptures until January of next year.

Source: News Daily, ABC