Rolocule’s Wii-like Gameplay turns Google Chromecast into a Bootleg Wii

Rolocule’s Motion Tennis app lets Apple users with an Apple TV experience a virtual tennis game on their television using the handset as a virtual tennis racket.

Now the company wants to deliver the same experience to Android users with a Google Chromecast or Miracast device. In other words you can turn your smartphone into something else like one of the cheapest video game consoles.

turn Google Chromecast into a cheap game console
A Chromecast dongle is considerably cheaper than a gaming console, so if Rolocule has its way, to play Nintendo Wii-like games without bothering a console, this could be a very affordable way to play gesture-based games.

This is the first time that the same mirroring technology works for Chromecast and it stands to be a nightmare for some console makers.

The video below demonstrates an early version of the app on a Nexus 5. Watch how the user uses the motion sensors on his phone to control the movements of the player.


Via : Liliputing