S-One Robot- Topper in DARPA’s 2013 trials withdraws from the $2 million Robotics Challenge

The U.S Defense Advanced Research Projects agency(DARPA) had created a Robotics Challenge where teams will compete in staged disaster scenarios that will require humanoid robots to do things like drive a utility vehicle, climb up an industrial ladder, connect a hose, open different types of doors, clear debris from doorway and more. The team that wins will be awarded the prize-$2 million.

S-One Robot- Topper in DARPA’s 2013

Engineers at SCHAFT Inc., a Google-owned Japanese robotics firm, won the first place during the 2013 trials in Florida for the performance of their biped S-One robot. Mountain View said long ago that it’s no longer interested in pursuing military contracts and withdrew from the $2 million competition. This means S-One will not be advancing to the next round in California and will also not participate in any of the agency’s challenges. According to DARPA Product Manager Gill Pratt, the SCHAFT team ultimately decided to withdraw not only because it doesn’t need funding anymore, but also because it wants to focus on designing a commercial product that people can buy.

Just like 11 other teams that competed in the trials, the S-One was designed to function as a first responder in times of disaster, such as 9/11 or the Fukushima nuclear meltdown. Unfortunately, Google hasn’t disclosed more about the retail product yet, but the video below should demonstrate S-One’s capabilities.

Via : Engadget