Samsung’s Compact Bluetooth Speaker Delivers Excellent Audio Quality

Samsung’s presence is felt in every facet of the electronics world. Samsung is working on its own portable Bluetooth speaker called the Level Box as part of its new Level line of audio accessories, and the device goes on sale for $199.

Samsung's 'Luxury' Bluetooth Speaker

At first glance, Samsung Level Box appears as though it’s sporting uniform metal body, but when observed carefully, the speaker grill seems to be comprised out of plastic. The speaker’s internal components are protected by the grill. But the rear view displays power switch, Bluetooth button, 3.5mm auxillary port, and microUSB port for charging.

Meanwhile, the brushed metal top houses other physical buttons- the pause/play, volume down, volume up, and the multi-function “talk” button. Lastly the master power switch works backward. It shows a red indicator when the unit is off.

Samsung's 'Luxury' Bluetooth Speaker Using a Samsung Galaxy S5, we’re able to quickly pair it with the Level Box, thanks in part to its NFC connection.

In terms of audio quality, there’s no shortage of ample volume and bass with the Samsung Level Box at its loudest volume setting, which is able to encompass large spaces with enough resonance. Its 3D SoundAlive feature delivers excellent audio quality.

On full charge, you can use the speaker for at least 15 hours.

Via : Mashable