CES 2014: SeeSpace to debut InAir brings ‘Minority Report’-style overlay to your TV

SeeSpace to debut InAir brings 'Minority Report'
SeeSpace will debut its InAir Smart HDMI Adapter in CES 2014 which works using a small HDMI pass-through box to overlay related information on your TV content.
SeeSpace CEO Nam Do said the technology builds on what viewers are already doing with second screens like smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktops while they are watching TV.
“TV has been passive for the last 50 years,” Do said. “Now the Internet has grown to the point that we actually need to marry the two medium. The television networks and manufacturers cannot ignore the fact that people are multitasking.”

 SeeSpace brings 'Minority Report' feel to TV remote control
Herigstad, a four-time Emmy Award winning designer, called InAir a “first step” toward the widespread augmented reality future depicted in the movie.
“We were all imagining that video would be wall paper,” he said in an interview. “This was 60 years in the future and there wouldn’t be furniture as we know it now, just surfaces everywhere were video.”
The SeeSpace InAir Smart HDMI adapter has been designed to plug in-line between your set-top box and TV and it will offer you access to web content with ease.
SeeSpace explains a little more about their new device : “Our vision is to revolutionize television by repositioning internet content in the space in front of the television. We add ‘layers’ of information in front of the TV screen, allowing the internet to ‘live’ in this space. we enable viewers to take full control and seamlessly combine the free flow of internet information with broadcast content. By uniting the two most powerful media into a common viewing space, we are creating a new frontier in front of the television.”

The best part about InAiR is that it can be controlled using gestures and SeeSpace says it’s compatible with both the Xbox Kinect and Leap Motion. For the Kinect, the InAiR communicates over Wi-Fi as long as you’re running an app on either Windows or Xbox, which the company says they’ve already developed.

Examples of InAiR TV Interface in actions.