ServoBender, the Electronic Guitar with a Pedal Steel Touch

You might have come across a pedal steel guitar, probably in any ‘old’ country song or to be precise, any country song that lacks the word ‘truck’ in its lyrics. Pedal steel guitars are peculiar instruments that contain 10 strings with levers that change the pitch of individual strings. Historically, there have been attempts to use this mechanism for individual strings in modern electric guitars, but these are somewhat rare and weird.

electronic guitar
Gr4yhound has come up with a perfect device that works like a pedal steel guitar and it sounds really good.

The device dubbed ServoBender has four servos mounted to a metal plate below the bridge. Each servo has a spring and cam system made out of 3D printed parts. The detuning is controlled by an Arduino and a few sustain pedals retrofitted with hall effect sensors. The resulting effect is just amazing.

electronic guitar
Gra4hound’s concept is very much similar to a B-Bender where a guitar pushes on the neck to raise the pitch of the B string. This setup, though, is completely electronic, infinitely adjustable, and can be expanded to all six strings. Very, very cool, and it makes us wonder what could be done with one of those freaky robot guitars, a soldering iron, and a bit of code.

The video below demonstrates the working of the guitar.


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