Signal- a free iPhone app Scrambles your Phone Conversations

With NSA leaks of wiretapping and signal interception, developers have learned over and over. Despite their efforts in writing a secure code, an average user can still crack the code. To fix such issues, Open source software group known as Open Whisper systems has released a free iOS app- Signal aiming for the simplest and easiest call you’ll ever make.

Using end-to-end encryption, Signal scrambles your conversations, so third parties cannot tap the call. Signal is popular for two reasons. First, the app is free. Though there are several voice call encryption apps on the market for various platforms, most of them are expensive and are aimed at enterprise users.

Second, Signal is open Source software, which allows anyone to check its integrity and contribute to app improvements. That’s important because of concerns that software vendors have been pressured into adding “backdoors” into their products that could assist government surveillance programs.

Encrypted Phone Calls for iPhone
Setting up Signal is very simple than other open source projects like Pidgin and paid competitors like Silent Circle. Just enter your phone number and confirm it by entering a six-digit confirmation code that sent via SMS or phone call and start using the app. The app displays only the contact details of the other user who has the Signal app installed, so it’s just a question of how many of your contacts are already on Signal.

During a phone call, the two people communicating can be assured that their conversations are secure through a pair of words displayed on the screen of both the users. The two users confirm with each other that their on-screen words match and a secure connection has been established. If your call is being tapped by a third person, the two on-screen words would mismatch.

For the team, that’s the whole point. “Our objective is really to focus on user experience,” says Marlinspike. “When it comes to something like secure voice, that’s really the hard part.”

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Via :  pcworld/whispersystems