Simple Guide for Running Multiple Instance of GTALK Simultaneously on Same PC

Google is providing several free services such as Google Talk Messenger, Google Mail, Google Books and various other services. GTALK provides a wide range of services such as Video and Voice Communication, Text Messaging or Instant Messaging rather you can term this as a client app by Google so as to get the Google Talk Features. I am sure before reading this tutorial you might know the fact that you can make use of only one single account in GTALK so as to chat with your friends, family or colleagues. Let us take an example , imagine that you have several Google Accounts with several friends (Business Friends , Personal Friends, Official Friends , Family Friends) and you would want to login to all the accounts in one go and chat with friends present in different Google Accounts.

As we all know that there are several people who are using GTALK or Google Talk for Chatting with their friends, family or colleagues. However with the advancements in technology more and more number of people are using GTALK for wide range of purposes and the Business People seem to be using multiple Gmail accounts for interacting with their clients across multiple locations. This is when the need for staying online from Multiple Google Accounts comes into existence. Wondering is this actually possible?

The answer to this is definitely a big YES. Now it is possible to open multiple instances of GTALK at the same time so that one can login to different accounts. Here is a simple guide on how one can open Multiple Instances of GTALK on the same PC at the same time:


STEP 1: Download Google Talk Software from the below mentioned link:

Running multipe GTalk in the same pc


STEP 2: Once you install GTALK on your PC you will see a GTALK Shortcut on your Desktop. You need to right click on the Desktop Icon of GTALK.

STEP 3: After clicking on the GTALK SHORTCUT, navigate to the Properties and you will notice a field known as “Target”.

STEP 4: In the Target Field you will observe the text “Start Menu” in the last path and this has to be replaced with the text “nomutex” as shown here:

“c:\program files\Google\Google talk\googletalk.exe” /nomutex


STEP 5: Once you have replaced the text in the Target Field as “nomutex”, simple click on “Apply” and then “OK”.

STEP 6: Now you can simple click on the Desktop Shortcut of GTALK and login to your account. Again click on the shortcut and login to another account.

Multiple Instance of GTALK Simultaneously on Same PC