Simple tips to remove recommended YouTube videos and clear browsing history


If your YouTube home page shows a record of all the videos you searched for and watched, you can clear that junk that doesn’t interest you. YouTube allows you to watch as many videos as you can and there is no filter for what you’ll click on. YouTube takes for granted that you’re interested in the weirdest stuff. It’s programmed in that way so you can’t expect it to understand your viewing habits differ over time.

Also, sometimes you may be frustrated to see the YouTube page loaded with recommended channels or videos. New recommendations won’t find a place to show up unless these old suggestions are cleaned up. Thankfully it’s easy to get rid of such things. Here’s how you can inform YouTube to remove a particular video or stop showing a channel from the suggested list all together.

But before doing so, you should sign in with YouTube. If you remove videos or channels from YouTube without signing in, it will continue to learn your preferences based on browsing history and cookies stored in your browser. Also, telling YouTube about your viewing habits is far less effective when you aren’t logged in.

Once you are signed in, all you need to do is hover over the bottom right of a video’s thumbnail and yu will see three dots. Click it and select “Not interested.”  That particular video or channel stops showing itself in “suggestions” or “watch again”.

To clear your browsing history, just go to your history page and hover over the three dots in the same way and select remove from watch history. Of course, you can also customize your Youtube homepage to show no history at all too.

Via: LifeHacker