Sintratech 3D printer coming to Indiegogo soon

Sintratech 3D printer

Sintratech, a tech startup from Switzerland is currently working on the first desktop selective laser sintering DIY 3D printer. Sintering is the process of designing a 3D object by projecting lasers at a layer of nylon powder. A special nylon powder is used in this project instead of the ABS/PLA filament that is used in FFF printers. With laser printing technology, the resulting 3D objects are without rafts.

After months of hard work, the team of three electrical engineers, who started this project two years ago, now, is planning to launch the model on crowdfunding campaign that will start in 3 weeks on Indiegogo to finance the development of final product and marketing.

During this crowdfunding campaign the Sintering Desktop 3D printer will be available for a price that everyone can afford: $4,000 (3,200 EUR). After this campaign the 3D printer will be sold for $5,000. The company hopes to sell about 50 of the SLS 3D printer units worldwide during the campaign.

The machine is capable of printing objects at a maximum size of 130X130X13mm with movable parts embedded inside. The laser sintering 3D printer requires cleaning stations to ensure the proper dusting of powder from a final 3D printed product.

The Sintratec team – Joscha Zeltner, Christian Von Burg, Dominik Solenicki are winners of Swiss UpStart Challenge 2014 alongside 250 other teams. They are awarded a cash prize of 20,000 CHF, which they are planning to use in developing their prototype further.

The model in the picture below takes around 90 minutes to get printed with the Sintratech. Though, the final printed product does not meet the quality of those printed using industry grade laser sintering 3D printer, the final product is ready to use and requires no curing. Sintratec’s printer is the world’s first affordable laser sintering machine ideal for small offices.

Via: Techcrunch