Six Gadgets You Can Operate With Your Mind!

Science is the mean which provide a platform to our dreams to turns into reality. And we can’t deny a fact that science provides us a plenty of things which can make our life easy and comfortable. But during the recent past, science has introduced some of astonishing gadgets which come up with a new face of science. In this article we are allowing our user to explore about 5 astounding gadgets which allow your mind to get access on your activities. No doubt, it seems to be fake but fortunately it’s a enlightened truth which transforms a lots of dreams into reality. Let’s have a look on this article and see what science can do!

1. Emotiv EPOC

Undoubtedly, all of you are familiar with laptops and computers. But if you want to experience something new and stunning related to laptops and computers then it’s hard to find any gadget better than Emotiv EPOC. It will help you to enter the world of technology because with the help of EPOC you’ll be able to control the keyboard and mouse just with your mind. And with this you can also control the gaming character’s movements and actions. You can enjoy all these unbelievable experiences by buying this astounding gadget for $299 only.

1-Emotiv EPOC

2-Emotiv EPOC

3-Emotiv EPOC

4-Emotiv EPOC


This light and portable gadget can serve as a medium to give relaxation to your brain before any stressful performance of yours. Guiding your brain to focus on the subject, MUSE can help you perform better in your task. Although on progress, but the main aim of creating this gadget is to give the controls of your iPhone or Android device to your brain so that you can perform any ask like browsing websites, playing games or texting etc. with your mind power only.
5-The Brain-Sensing Headband

6-The Brain-Sensing Headband

7-The Brain-Sensing Headband

3. NeuroSky MindWave

If you wanna train your child as a hi-tech Superhuman, then NeuroSky MindWave is something you should pick as soon as possible. Although one can consider the device as geeky by its look, but its features are as smart as you can imagine. This user-friendly neuro-headset is especially designed to improve your kid’s brain as it possesses a custom app store with 79 ready-built apps. These apps are related to different fields like education, gaming and even life improving applications.
8-NeuroSky MindWave

9-NeuroSky MindWave

10-NeuroSky MindWave

4. BrainDriver

All of know about the Google Driverless car and its amazing features. In the simplest language, BrainDriver is the modified version of Google Driverless car because in order to control the movements of the car, you just have to use your thoughts. Now, just learn to control your thoughts to get control over BrainDriver.  5. DARPA’s Prosthetic Arm Accidents are not previously known and hence happen to anyone. And it’s one of the dreadful pain to loose hand in any accident. But the rapid growth of science discovers an outstanding thing to decrease this pain. DARPA’s Prosthetic Arm is the artificial arm which can be used in the place of real arm. But it’s not as like as another artificial arms available because it can be controlled with the help of thoughts. According to scientists, it’s one of the most significant creations in field of neuroscience.



5.Orbit Helicopter

Leonardo Da Vinci was the first to design this thing we calls Helicopter today. Well, here is the extinct version of RC helicopters. Just sit back relaxing and use your brain to control this weird looking Gadget. This can land almost on every solid surface, scroll and fly. Welcome to 2013, once again.

1-Orbit Helicopter

2-Orbit Helicopter

3-Orbit Helicopter

5-Orbit Helicopter

6. Necomimi and Shippo

Do you love cute kitties? Do you fascinate with their ears and cute tail? If yes, then we are introducing you with Necomimi and Shippo. It’s the pair of cute ears which will move according to your brain movements. It stands up whenever you concentrate on anything and sits down when you feel relaxed. And you get one tail which behaves naturally. It starts waving when you feel happy and it’s really very cute. You can buy this pair of ears and tail just for $ 99.99 only.
15-Necomimi and Shippo

16-Necomimi and Shippo

17-Necomimi and Shippo