Six RSS Reader Extensions For Chrome

Browsing through the feeds that we have been subscribing to maybe a simple and mundane bit of work and you can be sure that there are sufficient Chrome Extensions for the purpose. Here are half a dozen:

1 RSS Subscription Extension (by Google):

This one automatically detects the RSS feeds that are on page and makes up for Chrome’s dearth of support. It shows a RSS icon which can be clicked on to subscribe to the feed. In this you have two alternatives My Yahoo and Bloglines, a third alternative may also be available based on the feed reader of your preference.1

2 Foxish live RSS:

There is no denying that in certain aspects Firefox is better than Chrome. One of them being the handling of feed subscriptions. This is so as Chrome does not have the capabilities of natively handling RSS. The Foxish will replicate the functionality that you get from Firefox2

3 Slick RSS :

This one looks rather straightforward without any frills. But a look deeper will show many options that enable customizations. This one has some options for feed display that will let you pick between full content or summaries and viewing videos that are embedded etc3

4 RSS Feed Reader :

This is a slick and easy solution for browsing Atom and RSS feeds on the browser. It has been made to provide you with an overview of the RSS account and keep track of what the unread and read counts.4

5 RSS Social Analyzer :

This one will be very useful if you are into search engine optimization or web development. It is a clever tool that will provide the metrics of the site that has RSS feed to it.5

6 Revolver RSS :

This one will as a matter of routine take a single RSS feed for a site and rotate the pages that come under that particular feed.6