Skin Buttons: Smartwatch turns your hand into a touchscreen!


Although smartwatches are cool to wear, their small sizes makes many actions quite hard and because of this, not many people will have them on their shopping lists. Buttons are small on a smartwatch and typing in frustrating. To overcome the hurdles of a smartwatch, Carnegie Mellon University researchers have come up with a smartphone project where the buttons can be displayed on your skin.

Yes, ‘Future Interfaces Group’ from Carnegie Mellon University has come up with a solution called ‘Skin Buttons’. Here, small laser projectors are used to make controls appear right on one’s skin. The buttons are projected on the areas of your arm carrying the device. The group placed 4 laser diodes on either side of the watch and covered them with film which shapes project light into a recognizable icon. So, the icons get projected on your skin and the proximity sensors help in recognizing what you tapped.

The device has some required mobile device features like a button to access your music, and also a way to check your text messages and emails. Apart from displaying buttons, Skin Buttons also project information onto your skin.

Through experiments, it was shown that these buttons are power efficient and have high-touch accuracy and recognizability. Although Skin Buttons is just an early prototype, it paves way for a sci-fi future where a tiny wearable box can project a large, interactive display.

Via: Geek