Skully – a High Tech Helmet gives you a 180-Degree View of What’s Behind you while on the Ride

Motorcyclists wear the helmets for one big reason: to keep their heads safe. But the folks at the San Francisco-based Skully have given an extra layer of safety to the bike-riding thrill-seekers of the world.

screenshot-2014-08-11-08-58-44The high tech helmet, Skully AR-1 projects everything from a rearview camera feed to turn-by-turn directions on a small screen below your eye while you ride.

Skully Founder and CEO Dr. Marcus Weller had experienced multiple motor accidents before. It was this incident that moved Weller to design a helmet that could help him with HUD directions and GPS, and even let him see what’s behind him.

“At the time, I didn’t even have a motorcycle, but I was ready to spend money on it, which made me realize that I needed to build it,” said Weller.

The Skully AR-1 is scheduled for release in May 2015, and cost $1,399 on placing preorders. The AR-1 also includes Bluetooth connectivity and a smartphone companion app (for Android and iOS), which lets you sync the helmet with your phone so you can make and receive calls and play music from services like Pandora. Navigation is handled by the helmet’s built-in GPS antenna. The built-in battery that powers the display and electronics lasts for about nine hours, according to the company.

The AR-1 was introduced in late 2013 at DEMO, and Skully said more than 100,000 motorcycle riders have signed up to be beta testers since then.

Via : techcrunch