Skydancer 7.5 – A Recreational mobile mansion

Recreation Vehicle

A new convertible motorhome from German manufacturer, Skydancer was exhibited at the world’s largest trade fair for motorhomes and caravans in Dusseldorf.

In general, motorhomes use the space above the driver’s seat for storage or sleeping, but Skydancer has done something different, it installs the driver and passenger seats above the engine in front, so as to design a sliding convertible roof. The space below the driver’s cab opens up the room for setting up a double bed. At 27-ft, 8.3-ton Skydancer 7.5 lets you experience the scenic landscape in total, windblown comfort.

Exclusively designed to comfortably seat and sleep four passengers, the Skydancer 7.5 offers all kinds of facilities one would expect in a vehicle this big, like a bed, washroom, kitchen, etc. The motorhome on a raised platform allows the traveler a luxurious experience like never before.

Skydancer 7.5 motorhome

The panaromic motorhome creates the feel of a tourist bus exclusively designed for enjoying scenic landscapes.

This recreational mobile mansion is not industrially manufactured mobile home but is still work-in-progress. This is a used vehicle and available for purchase after the event at the Fair Dusseldorf 2014 but without warranty. The Merceded Atego-based 7.5 RV prototype is advertised for €80,000 on the company’s website. The Skydancer is sure to create waves in the motorhome world.

Skydancer 7.5 RV

Via: Gizmodo