Skype gets iOS 8 update – interactive notifications you can respond to from lock screen


Microsoft’s Skype Messenger has now been updated with support for iOS 8 which includes all interactive notifications that helps streamline responding to content. With this new update, you can respond to various activities directly from notices as they appear, including answer voice and video calls, jump to text conversations, and reply to all.

The new notifications support audio and video calls by letting you swipe left on the notification to answer or decline calls.  From the notification, swiping down on the alert will reveal the same options. Once you have selected an option, Skype will launch to complete it. Or, if you’ve already missed the call, you can call the person back or just send a message.

When you receive a message, you can respond much quicker than before, and no longer have to launch the app from your homescreen to use it. Unlike with Apple’s own Message feature, this won’t take you to a reply input box without unlocking your screen – it still prompts you for a PIN or use your Touch ID unlock, and then it’ll take you directly to the message where you can reply in-line.

Skype 5.5 for iPhone is available as a free download now.

Via: TechCcrunch