Smart Shoes Buzz to Guide you in the Right Direction

Wearable technology has simplified our lifestyles and one of their best uses is that they will get you where you’re going without being hunched over your smartphone. Google Glass and smart watches help you with this, but staring at a screen can be distracting and cumbersome. But now, you no longer need to stare at a screen and can enjoy the scenery , thanks to an Indian company that wants to add navigation equipment in your footwear.

The Vibrating Smartshoes To Help You Get Around!The Indian startup called Ducere Technologies has designed sneakers and insoles called Lechal that sync to an app and Google Maps to help you get going without ever having to check your phone’s GPS or look at a map.

The footwear hooks up to your smartphone via Blutooth . You set a destination, put your phone back into your pocket and then as you walk around, the built-in sensors buzz to tell you where to turn.

The Lechal shoes was Initially designed to help the visually impaired, but the creators say their technology could prove to be useful to anyone navigating their way around a new city and want to track calories burnt and distance traveled. The Lechal Smartshoes are available in black and red colors and wearers have the option to choose between full shoes or just insoles that’ll fit inside your regular pair of kicks.

Shoes are “a natural extension of the human body,” the company’s co-founder and CEO, Krispian Lawrence said. You’d never forget to wear shoes, the way you might forget your phone or wallet at home, he says.

Ducere technology still commits itself to the cause for which it has been created. For every pair you buy, the company will subsidize a pair for a person who is visually challenged. You can order the shoes on the company’s website and can expect to pay $150 for a pair.

Via : gizmodo