Sneak a peek at the WAM7500/6500 Speakers Samsung will be Launching at the CES 2015

Samsung recently unveiled its new concept speaker with 360 degree radius sound, the WAM7500/6500 which will be initiated at CES 2015 which is only a few days away. However, there is no news currently about the price. In addition to that, the company declared that they would be introducing a new series of audio products and an expanded lineup of Curved Soundbars at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2015.

SAMSUNG ring speakers that provide 360° sound revealed at CES 2015For now, we know that the Samsung WAM7500/6500 will be released in two models: Stand-type or Table Top (WAM7500) and Portable (WAM6500) with a built in battery. Both of them look distinctive and reports say that they sound much better too! Also, there haven’t been any revelations on how exactly the system works. Guess we’ll have to wait until Las Vegas to find out. Samsung reported that the sound can flow in a 360-degree radius!

Both the variants are compact one piece speakers and make use of ‘Ring Radiator’ technology – the 360 degree radius sound flow mentioned above. Also, it is said to offer just the right balance between treble and bass.

SAMSUNG ring speakers that provide 360° sound revealed at CES 2015The WAM7500 is the larger one and it is built for table top use. On the other hand, the WAM6500 is smaller and it is built so that it could be portable. It has a battery inside it for keeping playback going while you are out. Both of them can connect to TVs, smartphones and quite many other sources, Samsung didn’t give the specifics. However, some sort of wireless support seems like it will go with the portable potential of the WAM6500.

The company posted on its blog saying WAM7500/6500 is a new concept for Samsung which provides a rich bodied sound experience no matter where you are in relation to the product. Also, it added that the WAM7500/6500 fills the entire room the sound, quite unlike the other normal speakers.

SAMSUNG ring speakers that provide 360° sound revealed at CES 2015These speakers were designed at Samsung’s audio lab in Valencia, California. Also, Samsung is said to be bringing a new set of curved soundbars to CES 2015, building on the 7500 series which was announced in September with new 8500, 6500 and 6000 series models.

Via: designboom