So, How Do You Internet? [Infographic]

A full 93 percent of online activity begins starts off with a search. Nearly three-fourths of users believe information to be correct and true, and two-thirds believe search results are unbiased. Four in five completely disregard paid ads (located at the very top of search results) in favor of organic search results. Over half agree that search results for queries have improved over time.

Well over half of users actually surf the Web on Internet Explorer; 18 percent use Chrome; and 17 percent use Firefox. Nearly 50 percent of mobile surfers use iOS while about 35 percent rock the Android. With 67.5 percent of market share, Google is the most popular search engine. Bing comes in a distant second with 16.7 percent of the market. Unlike the big players, DuckDuckGo actually offers private search.

Wondering what the most popular searches of 2014 have been so far? Rounding out the top five are “Boston Marathon”, “Mickey Rooney”, “Mimi Sex Tape”, “Fort Hood”, and “Blood Moon”. If you’re curious, Blood Moon is a full lunar eclipse. The sun casts rays over the moon causing it to appear blood red. April 15, 2014 began the first of four blood moons to occur in a span of 1.5 years.

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How Do You Internet