Social Gifting: The New Trend in Gifting[infographic]

Buying gifts for others can be fun, and seeing their face when you got them exactly what they wanted is priceless. However, what is not priceless is their gift. Gifts are becoming more and more expensive. In fact, the average cost for top gifts from 2000 to 2011 was a whopping $244. Electronics and other sought after gifts are always very expensive and many of us don’t have the money to buy them on our own. So how can we buy our friends and loved ones the gifts they want without breaking the bank? Collaborate!

Social gifting allows people to pitch in money for gifts. It starts with the giftee creating a wishlist and sharing it with their friends and family on social sites. Then, the friends can decide how much they want to contribute. Once the gift is paid for it ships directly to the person’s doorstep.

Check out the infographic below presented by Countmein to learn more about social gifting.