Solar powered SolarHug bracelet is a backup battery and a USB drive, all in one

Wearable and green technology is the hottest tech trend in the current era that has taken the world by storm. Tech giants including Microsoft, Sony, Samsung, etc. have already jumped the gun; however, the most-anticipated wearable of the gadget world, i.e. Apple Watch, is yet to see the light of day. All the wearables including Apple Watch seem to be securing a place near bottom in the list of green gadgets, but there are think tanks who are inspiring people think radically and change the herd mentality. And we need to thank a young and inspiring team of seven people of Grandpa Technology Ltd. who conceptualized and tried to show this beautiful idea to millions and millions of eco-conscious souls in order to decrease energy consumption.

Solar powered SolarHug bracelet

The idea is simple – using power of the sun to charge your gadgetry; this is how SolarHug bracelet came into existence. The team is trying to put the sustainable wearable charger, which can be used like a fashion accessory to charge your phone, into production with the help of crowd-sourcing.

As per manufacturers – the bracelet is a portable charger that comes fitted with flexible solar panels to use sun’s energy to provide juice to your handheld devices. Not only that, the SolarHug acts like a USB flash drive as well to offers an extra storage space on the go.

Currently, the team is chasing the £70,000 funding goal on Kickstarter to mass-produce it and has managed to reach £3,529 mark so far. The hi-tech fashion accessory needs more supporters and donation so that this beautiful contraption could see the light of day.

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