Solid State Tesla Coil: the pretty singing Tesla coil anyone with basic soldering skills can try

Have you ever tried developing a Tesla coil but set back because of the high costs and complications involved in the design? Well, Richard has crafted a solid-state Tesla coil that can be easily assembled at low cost.

Solid State Tesla Coil Plays MusicLike all Tesla coils, a Solid State Tesla Coil is an air-core transformer which can step up a low voltage DC input into a very high AC voltage. The core can be hand-wound or purchased as a ready-made. The Tesla coil’s drive circuit sets it apart from others.  A Tesla coil generally makes use of a spark gap, but [Richard] is using the Power Pulse Modulator PWM-OCXi v2 which does the switching with transistors instead. The Tesla coil performs well with one drive circuit but Richard syas that the coil will be much better with two.

The project doesn’t end up with the sloid-state circuitry. Richard incorporated an Arduino with software normally used to run a speaker to get his Tesla coil to play music. Don’t miss to watch out this video below.

Via: rmcybernetics