Sony reportedly planning e-paper powered stylish smartWatch


There’s some good news for smartwatch enthusiasts out there. Yes! Sony is planning to bring an innovative smartwatch that uses e-paper as a display sometime next year. According to Bloomberg, the rumored watch’s unique design will allow the entire wristband to act as a display.

The watch is said to prioritize stylish looks over robust functionality of complex wristband like the Apple Watch and Sony SmartWatch, using e-paper for both the face and the strap. Bloomberg claims that the watch is the one of the first products to come from a new innovation-centric division formed by CEO Kaz Hirai. The division has yet to come out with a product that meets the level of Walkman or Playstation in recent memory. It’s not exactly clear how the e-paper technology will work, but sources said it is different than traditional e-link displays found on the Pebble Smartwatch that has an LCD marketed as “e-paper”, for instance and Central Standard Timing’s CST-01 watch that uses Kindle-style E link.


As such, it seems like the watch will be running Sony’s custom wearable OS and not Android Wear. Also, the new watch may not compete with other smartwatches currently on the market such as Samsung, LG and others which can run apps and display notifications and in some cases allow phone calls in addition to displaying time. Sony’s recently launched SmartWatch 3 runs Android Wear, Google operating system for wearable devices.

News to Sony’s plans to focus on internal innovation comes as the company says it will cut its not playing well portfolios of TVs and smartphones in order to reduce spiraling costs. Though the e-paper powered smartwatch would be a fancy gadget, it may prove as a great device in Sony’s history.

Via: PopSci