Sony to Releases QX10 / QX100 Camera Lens Mount For Tablets

Sony Japan is about to launch its QX10 / QX100 Camera Lens Mount For Tablets. The camera lens is designed to attach the DSC-QX10 and DSC-QX100 lens-style cameras onto tablet devices. It is very innovative to have a camera lens at the back of a tablet. There is a piece of plastic that holds the big camera at the back of tablet.
Sony with its creative and innovative style has always astonished us with the certain good products. This new SPA-TA1 tablet attachment will solve that problem, catering for devices between 85mm and 190mm in width.

Sony SPA-TA1 arm sizes are as follows:

1) 85 × 65.6 × 33.9mm
2) 106 × 65.6 × 33.9mm
3) 127 × 65.6 × 33.9mm
4) 148 × 65.6 × 33.9mm
5) 169 × 65.6 × 33.9mm
6) 190 × 65.6 × 33.9mm
Sony’s this new accessory looks as good as we can only wonder to have in our tablet. On the plus side, the camera accessory will only set punters back $40, which is very much in reach. This camera lens will be available in market on 4 April 2014 in Japan. It will cost somewhere around 3,675 Yen (£21, €26, $36).