Spin Master’s newest robo-pet Boomer

Spin Master’s newest robo-pet Boomer is a remote control dinosaur that self-balances on a set of wheeled feet, terrorizing anyone you tell it to. This remote control robo has a great design having sound effects, light-up eyes, a swinging tail, and a moving head that occasionally bites. It is controlled by dinosaur egg-shaped remote having sensors on it to make sure that this robo don’t gets harmed. It will stand guard ready to scare off intruders when detected, or simply race around your living room at a surprisingly brisk pace.
RC Dino Balances On Two Rolling Feet
You can run this robo on your room and believe it really runs fast than what we can expect. Boomer will sell for around $100. This robo-pet Boomer is a great piece that you can take to your place and hang around with it or spend some time playing or racing with it. It won’t be wrong to say that Spin Master’s newest robo-pet Boomer has got something sparkling in it that certainly can take your eyes off it. So, Spin Master has yet again proved that it can actually make products that can amaze us with their design and features.