Stubby, An Awesome Hexapod

Powered by Atmel’s ATMega 1284 microcontroller, Stubby an evolving hexapod was originally inspired by shows like Stargate SG-1.

Stubby, The Adorable And Easy To Build Hexapod

Stubby originated as a simple 2DOF version which was supported directly by the servos. After quickly identifying the shortcomings of this model, it was changed to use mechanical joints activated by push rods connected to the servos. The current version has a 3-DOF frame with a full inverse kinematics engine.

Stubby, The Adorable And Easy To Build Hexapod

Stubby is unique in the following ways:

  • Inexpensive, you can build one for around $150 which includes the servos, electronics, frame, and other things.
  • To reduce the making costs, Stubby uses cheap RC servos ($2 each from Hobby King).
  • The frame of the hexapod is designed to be cut with a scroll saw, much to the chagrin of anyone without a CNC machine.

The completed hexapod features three 9g servos per leg, all controlled with a custom board featuring an ATMega 1284p and an XBee interface to an old Playstation controller.

Video of Stubby below, and of course all the sources and files are available on the project site.