StumbleUpon releases update to its iOS app that introduces social chatting


Content discovery service StumbleUpon has rolled out an update to its iOS app that provides an endless stream of fascinating content you may not have come across otherwise. It is introducing social chatting. The chatting feature is one of several improvements to the newly rolled update, but probably the one most worth taking no. Previously, StumbleUpon users could send links to others via SMS, but now, you can tap on fellow StumbleUpon users’ names in order to discuss about the webpage in question right within the app.

Your friends are represented by a rounded, profile photo icon above the comment field. You can add your message, then share – an experience which feels more like you’re getting into a conversation than simply messaging a link.

And when your friends share links with you, they appear in a new “Activity Center” within the app which keeps track of all recent shares as well as follower notifications. The idea is to make the content discovery service faster, more social, and more personalized to keep you occupied at all times. Most popular apps on mobile phones are social networking apps or those focused on media consumption, and this update is designed in a way that could blend the two.

Alongside a new UI, there’s support for custom lists, new navigation which puts likes, interests and followers just a tap away.

Via: Techcrunch