Surprising facts about domestic violence [Infographic]

Domestic violence happens all around us every day, yet many of us fail to see it.  When we do, we may not know the best way to respond or help.  There’s an awareness campaign on television these days due to a recent high profile case of domestic violence.  The commercial invites us to step in and do something if we see domestic violence, but do we really know what to do without making things worse?

First, it’s important to know the warning signs of abuse.  Abusers are typically aggressive, driven by commitment, have a superiority complex, and tend to place the blame on everyone but themselves. Confronting this type of personality head on can make things worse, so it’s best not to directly confront an abuser.

And if we talk about the victim, the best course of action is to be supportive to him/her.  Listen but try not to judge. Try to help in a more genuine way, and don’t gossip about the situation.

There might be a possibility that you are unaware of the fact that you are being abused, because abuser has numerous ways to victimize you. Here we have a very detailed and statistical  infographic that throws light on various important aspects of domestic abuse which you might not know otherwise.

Surprising Facts About Domestic Violence