Swatch’s SISTEM51 gets the Mechanical Touch

Swatch is known for making popular watch brands including Jaquet Droz, Omega, and Breguet. It generates it revenue from the sale of low-end watches. In 1980, the Swiss watch maker was in a great confusion. The early quartz watches were doing well in the market. Though they were expensive, the Seikos were shipped in large quantities. Once the watches were made available for low-prices, new generation buyers lost interest in Swiss watches.
Swatch's SISTEM51 gets the Mechanical Touch
Elmar Mock and Jacques Müller, two engineers inside the Swatch Group, noticed that no one wore a watch to the beach even though many watches had been waterproof for years. The company had also created a very simple, very thin quartz movement — the guts of the watch — and had nowhere to put it. The pair put the quartz movement into a plastic, ostensibly waterproof case, and named it he Swatch. Swatch, later became a fashionable gadget and gave the company more sales.

These low-cost, elegant timepieces are what prop up the massively expensive and extremely complex manufacturing operations that create some of the most fashionable watches in the world. And now comes the SISTEM51 with a 3HZ mechanical movement and doesn’t require a battery. It also works for a long time without maintenance.

Swatch's SISTEM51 gets the Mechanical Touch
The Swatch Sistem51 can either be wound or left to self wind when worn on the wrist. The new Swatch is available in various colors- blue, red, white or black.

Swatch Group AG (UHR) Chief Executive Officer Nick Hayek explains :

“You won’t see us participating in a race of who’s going to introduce what first,” -“There’s still big resistance from the consumer, so we’re going to wait.”

The new Swatch Sistem51 range of watches started shipping in small limited quantities last year, but now Swatch is gearing up to push the new range out to stores worldwide.

Enabling anyone to be able to purchase the watch and its new revolutionary mechanical movement for below $200. For more information on the new Swatch Sistem51 watch jump over to the Swatch website for details.

Via : Techcrunch