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Cicret bracelet

Cicret bracelet – Explore the world with just a touch on your arm

Over the months, we have been seeing wearable technology coming up with things weirder than ever. But, the thing you are about to see now is the weirdest of them all. A small tech company out of France lately disclosed the Cicret Bracelet. It is a kind of smart bracelet which projects a touchscreen on […]


Transcense app helps in communicating with deaf without sign language

Transcense is the world’s first technology which is designed to help the people who are deaf to have a better understanding in group conversations. There are about 360 million people in the world who are deaf and hard of hearing and this app is a huge benefit to them. The founders are Thibault Duchemin, Pieter Doevendans […]


Google Play Movies and TV app for iOS supports offline playback

Google has announced a major update to its Play Movies and TV shows app to iOS users on Monday. The new version allows you to download movies and TV shows to your device and then watch them anytime, anywhere even without an internet connection. The search engine giant released the Google Play Movies and TV […]

The Foundations of a Successful App

The Foundations of a Successful App [Infographic]

The app market is pretty saturated, making it hard for new apps to accumulate downloads. So how can app developers ensure their app is successful? They can start by incorporating social features and allowing play with live people, which will ensure a diverse experience. Dragonplay Poker is a prime example of a successful app. The […]