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SSD Data Recovery

How to Recover Data from Solid State Drives (SSDs)

Lost your valuable data from solid state drive? Do not worry! The blog presents useful tips and ways through which you can recover the lost data from SSD Drive. Read on, to know how. Solid state drive (SSD) is a non-volatile data storage device that uses an assembly of integrated circuits (ICs) as memory. Due […]

Hard Drive Recovery

How to Recover Data from Raw Hard Drive

  What is Raw Hard Drive A RAW drive is a disk partition that is either not formatted to the right file system, or the file system is corrupt, thereby making it inaccessible. The RAW hard drive is useless to a user as it cannot be opened without formatting the file system such as APFS […]

Stellar Data Recovery

The Hard Disk Drive Recovery Scenarios

Summary: This blog educates you about the possible ways by which you can lose your data from a hard disk. It also describes the various methods by which you can recover files from the damaged hard drive.  Read on to know more about Hard Drive Recovery Scenarios. This morning when I tried to access my […]


The Biggest Threat to Digital Environment: Data Loss

A recent survey carried out in January 2017 by 41 IT professionals uncovers some serious reactions, evokes discussions, and delivers an alarming figure about Data Loss, the one critical thing that leads to despair. When the IT Professionals where asked about the major cause of data loss in the business environment, they stated their reasons […]

Storage Trends

Data Storage Trends and Predictions for Year 2017

Summary: Wondering which trend will top the list of data storage technology in the ongoing year? Read on to know more. What are the ways to be ahead of the competition? Differentiating? Segmentation? Product Positioning? Crowdsourcing? Well, they all are relevant to stay competitive in the diverse and always in the flux market. There’s another […]

Data Recovery From Pendrive

How To Get Back Your Deleted Photos and Videos From Pen Drive

Summary: This post explains how to recover your lost or deleted photos, videos, and other types of multimedia data from the pen drive. It also highlights their probable causes and preventive measures to keep your data in the pen drive safe and secure. Read on. You often store your important photos, videos, and other data […]