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Beautiful Christmas Wallpapers (27)

DIYer’s Delight: Star Wars Theme Christmas Tree

Remember when the Star Wars Holiday Special was premiered in 1978 starring Harrison Ford and the trilogy’s original cast? This was the first spin off of the Star Wars to be broadcast and it has never been rebroadcast or released on home video. The story begins when Chewbacca is headed home with Han Solo to […]


Make your own DIY Raeligh Chopper inspired self-balancing scooter

Hackaday Prize semi-finalist, Xenon John had recently participated in the Hackaday competition with the MediCycle which is a dangerous one-wheeled machine. He has also worked on other self-balancers including the skateboard design. He has now designed a self-balancing scooter inspired by the famous Raleigh Chopper bike of the 1970’s.Through his experience, John learnt that light […]

depth sensing cameras

Depth Sensing Portable cameras lets you explore the world in unusual ways

Oculus Rift and 3D video Google solutions are some of the best virtual reality tools that help you explore virtual worlds with stereoscopic cameras, but so far none of us have explored real life with digital stereoscopic cameras. In this project Pabr fixes a depth-sensing camera to a head-mounted display unit which is a combination […]


Discover the power of Halloween Pumpkins

We have said goodbye to Halloween, but what about the jack-o-lanterns left over? Don’t just trash them into the bin, try this cool science project by Instructables user Will_W_76 and turn those old pumpkins into a battery. Materials required Note: One pumpkin is enough to try the project. But if you want more voltage then […]

RC airplane

Meet the Swing Wing F14 – a remote controlled airplane

Thomas was inspired by his lecturer who showed him a model airplane he had designed from scratch using only few materials like a sheet of foam, duct tape, hot glue, a bit of wood and a handful of servos. Thomas was also interested in trying something like it but wanted to include a bit more […]

shoes with power lace

Meet the Auto-lacing iconic shoes

Back in 2011, Nike brought an exact replica of the Air Mag shoes worn by Marty McFly in the movie “Back to the future” to reality. But there was one disappointment with the fashionably – lit footwear, it lacked the iconic power laces. Well, now Nike is sure enough that it will unveil the laces in 2015. […]

Arduino-powered Halloween flying saucer

DIYer’s delight: Arduino-powered Halloween flying saucer

If you are crazy about Halloween and want to ‘desperately’ explore this anatomy of this amazing DIY UFO project, then you must pay a visit to Andrew Wyatt’s home. This Halloween flying saucer is crafted out of cardboard, tape, tinfoil, 8mm diffused neopixels from Adafruit and controlled by an Arduino micro-controller. Via: Hackedgadgets