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Block all those annoying game requests on Facebook

Well, we couldn’t agree more on how popular the games on Facebook are. However, most of us don’t like getting requests from our friends to try some lame game. So, if you are bugged by all those game requests on Facebook, there are a few ways by which you can block them. Let’s figure out […]


Instagram now bigger than Twitter with 300 million active users

  Facebook’s photo and video sharing platform Instagram has reportedly moved ahead of the popular micro-blogging service Twitter with more than 300 million people using its photo service every month. Instagram, which was bought by Facebook in 2012 for $1 billion, said its followers are sharing over 70 million photos and videos every day, up […]


Facebook Messenger now embraced by more than half a billion users

Just a few months after raising frustration among many Facebook Messenger users, the new standalone Messaging app now has half a billion active monthly users. The social networking giant in July split Messenger off from the main app. Users who wanted to continue using Facebook’s instant messaging service were forced to download the new app, […]


WhatsApp’s Blue check marks indicate your message has been read

WhatsApp is rolling out an update that will ensure your friends can longer cheat you saying, “I didn’t see your message.” The Facebook-owned app, which would previously show single tick if a message is sent successfully and a double tick if a sent message is received at the other end, now adds a nifty feature that turn […]


Spice up your comments with Facebook’s Stickers

Stickers, Facebook’s big emoji-like icons, have been available in chat and Messenger Windows in the past, but now you can add a smiley face, wincing cat, or vaguely cloacal image directly into the comments section on Timeline, Groups and Even posts. Facebook announced on Monday that stickers will be available for all post comments. This […]

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Facebook planning to release an anonymous chat app

As of now, Facebook has been allowing users to connect to their network by revealing their identities, but that may change soon as the social media giant is planning to roll out a stand-alone app that will let users chat without revealing who they are. According to the New York Times report, Facebook is working […]