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Google+ Auto-Enhance feature makes your home videos better

Google has now added a new feature to its Google+ service that makes your crummy smartphone videos look a bit better. Google has been automatically improving the photos you upload to Google+ and now it will also extend this feature to the videos uploaded on the social network. The company says with the new Google+ […]

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Google plans to alert web users of insecure Non-HTTPS sites

Google is planning to warn web users about potential security risks involved while visiting websites that have not adopted the secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTPS) system. According to a discussion page from Google Chrome engineers moots the change, saying that it could arrive in 2015 and act as a warning flag against sites not adopting […]


Google to remove Spanish Publishers from its Google News

Online search giant Google will shut down its Google News service in Spain, rather than pay licensing revenues for Spanish publishers to show their content on its news site. The company said that new legislation in the European country will allow Spanish publications to charge Google services like Google News for using snippets of their […]


Google+ supports a new feature: Pinned posts

Have one special post that you want to makes sure get seen when someone lands on your Google+ page? Google has just rolled out a new feature for its Google+ service: pinned posts. You can now pin that specific piece of content to the top of your page, making sure that people will see your […]


Google plans kid-friendly versions of its most popular products

Search engine giant Google plans to roll out kid-friendly versions of its most popular products, such as Search, Chrome browser and YouTube, to attract 12 and younger kids, an age group which is legally restricted from accessing these services. Google is looking into how it can revamp its services to be both fun and safe […]