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Pocket-sized Lantern designed to offer the power of internet

Did you know that more than four billion people around the world do not have internet access? Well, it is kind of really hard for us to even imagine our lives without the internet, right? We go gaga when our internet and phone connections fail momentarily in times of natural calamities. So, the people out […]


Anonabox promises to encrypt all your online activities

In a bid to protect the anonymity of internet users from overreaching governments and/or hide from advertisers, Germar and his colleagues have come up with an open source plug and play hardware router- Anonabox. The tiny device aims to offer internet users the ability to surf the web privately without needing to download or configure […]


Google adds non-traditional News sources like Reddit to “News” search results

Search engine giant Google is adding some non-traditional “news” sources, websites into its news listings. Until recently, Google’s search results sometimes included a “News for” box in its search results. This box listed only the news websites that have been reviewd and approved by Google. However, the new “In the News” box lists content from Google […]


New record-breaking laser could speed up your internet incredibly

Physicists from Imperial College London in the UK and the Friedrich Schiller University Jena in Germany have revolutionized the internet forever by creating the record-breaking lasers. The laser is able to turn on and off at fastest speeds, which would be used to speed up the internet. According to Carsten Ronning, a scientist from Germany, […]

Top Ten WordPress Plugins in 2014 (5)

Top Ten WordPress Plugins in 2014

WordPress plugins are essential to make use of the WordPress blogging program, and here are all very reputable WP plugins in a variety of categories. Here, e’re providing the latest and most useful collection of Top Ten WordPress Plugins in 2014. WordPress SEO by Yoast For people who are distressed regarding posting duplicate content on […]

Google must to do

Google Should Modify : 8 Points

The Android was introduced in market in 2007 with the foundation of the Open Handset Alliance. Android is the world’s most used Smartphone platform and it is open source and Google releases the code with the Apache License. As Android is open source and its apps are free of cost that can be installed in […]