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Fedora 21 Beta is out for Cloud, Server and WorkStation platforms

Following a few delays, the Beta build of Fedora Linux-based operating system is out, you can start looking forward to the stable version of the distro, which should land in a little over a month from now. Version 21 is the first update to spring from the Fedora.next project. Fedora 21 splits the operating system […]


Shellshock: Bash bug that proves to be more dangerous than Heartbleed

Security researchers have discovered vulnerability in the Bash shell which happens to be a widely installed command interpreter used by many Linux and Unix operating systems – including Apple’s OS X.  The Shell is a piece of code that translates your commands into something the computer’s OS can understand. Shellshock leaves websites and devices powered […]


Netflix finally extends its support to Linux

Good news for Linux users. Netflix, the world’s leading internet subscription video streaming service with over 35 million members in the United States, Canada and Latin America now extends its support to Linux. Until now, Netflix relied on Microsoft’s dying Silverlight plugin. But last week Netflix senior software engineer Paul Adolph announced the company’s plans to […]

Recovering Data On Linux

Optimum Methods Of Recovering Data On Linux

Sometimes through no obvious mistake on anyone’s part, incidents to do with the data on devices may occur.  You will find that files are lost on drives and removable media due to many and often confusing reasons. It may also happen that you inadvertently remove a file and then realize that you do need it. […]