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Top Hi-tech Gadgets for Your Home (7)

Top 10 Hi-tech Gadgets For Your Home

The house is the reputation for many people. Our house should look perfect in front of the guests. The interior and exterior of the house can be enhanced by using quality gadgets and accessories in our homes. These gadgets and accessories make our home look beautiful and different from others. So here is the list […]

QR and NFC

QR vs. NFC [Infographic]

Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to carry your wallet, your keys and your phone? Soon you may not have to. QR and NFC are two technologies at the forefront of mobile transactions. QR reads an image that looks like a space-age barcode while NFC communicates wirelessly with other devices to process transactions or […]

The Future of Mobility[infographic]

How important is your mobile phone to you? One in four of the world’s 5 billion mobile phone users look at their phones at least once every 30 minutes; 1 in 5 look at it every 10 minutes. Eighty-four percent of people claim they could not go a day without their phones. People use their […]