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Moss robot kit-1

Check out Moss an innovative robot kit for all enthusiasts

These days, when we walk to a nearby toy store and look at the stuff for sale, we most likely are intrigued by them and simply wish we had them back in our good old days. I mean, all those high tech toys which include robotics, construction kits and smart devices leave us in awe. […]

Robotic penguin chick

Researchers develop robotic Penguin chick to understand bird behavior

Studying wild animals is crucial to learn more about their feeding habits, health and interactions. Biologists have been trying out various methods to study the behavior of wild animals. Earlier, in the attempt to study Penguins, researchers failed because when they approached the penguin population, the Penguins looked bewildered and stressed resulting in increase in their heart rate. […]

Nextage robot

Meet Nextage robot that brews you a favorite cup of coffee

Humanoid robots have simplified our daily lives and are finding their applications in all fields. Here’s a new robot that changes the future of your morning routine. Kawada industries, a Tokyo-based robot maker has developed a robot dubbed Nextage that can actually brew your favorite cup of coffee. The robot was exhibited at the Japan Robot […]

DIY robotic arm

Make your own DIY Robotic arm at home

[Jjshortcut] has designed a robot arm that support 6 degrees of movement. The project is very easy and can be made easily at home. It is too simple, the frame is crafted from 4mm thick hardboard, hobby servos power the robot arm and a couple of tools hold it together. The frame is perfectly cut […]


Erwin’s Robotic Teddy mimics your actions

Erwin Ried has designed an animatronic teddy bear that is implanted with motorized parts. A fully customized 3d skeleton is implanted into the bear’s skin, controlled by servo motors at its shoulders, elbows and neck. The motors are powered by a C# application using a simplistic scripting language. This application uses the motion tracking and […]

Toshiba humanoid robot

Toshiba’s New Humanoid Robot can communicate using Japanese Sign Language

Toshiba revealed its new humanoid robot dubbed Aiko Chihira that can communicate using sign language. Displayed at the Cutting Edge IT & Electronics Comprehensive Exhibition (CEATEC) in Japan, Chihira has the appearance of a friendly woman, an impression accentuated by blinking eyes and a warm smile. As of now, the robot can mimic movements, such […]